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Presenting itself as a brand of illustrated chocolates, “mySugar” is in the national market for 7 years and offers its customers a very welcoming shop in Aveiro, where diversity in its sweet world, captivates all the senses of those who enter at number 7 of the street José Afonso. Highlighting its seasonal products, ready to enrich the celebration of moments.

Born of a common interest in collecting sugar packets, it was soon differentiated in the customization of these small sugar packets and Napolitanian chocolates. Although headquartered in Aveiro, he had all the genesis on the Internet and quickly embraced the entire country leading the magic of a sweet world to thousands of customers.

“mySugar” has a wide range of products illustrated by national illustrators, ranging from chocolate tablets to cans of chocolate sardines. With pampering that help to build case by case, so that each of its customers have in their use, the touch of refinement and care of a very special attention.

“mySugar” also sells some European chocolate and tea brands and you can find national pride products like national soaps, wines, sweets and teas in your store.

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