Museum of Modern Art

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The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw was established in 2005. It has got two locations. The main modernist exhibition pavilion is based on Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22 on the bank of Vistula, next to the Copernicus Science Centre.

The building is surrounded by a beautiful scenery of the river and its façade is decorated by a Polish artist Sławomir Pawszak. The other, smaller building on Pańska 3 street is used as an auditorium and performance space and located nearby the Palace of Culture and Science.

The museum was built to raise the knowledge about art in the society and exhibits the art of 20th and 21st centuries, both Polish and international. It is meant to lead an open dialogue between old and new artistic trends as well as respond to the changing hierarchy of values in the society.

It also supports multicultural and multinational artistic dialogue. The Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to many kinds of artistic activity, not only physical collections but also theater, music, film and others. It has got its own permanent collection as well as regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, meetings with artists and authors, debates, exhibition tours, workshops for adults and children, conferences and multimedia shows.

It focuses on various topics important for the modern society, such as cultural identity, war and conflict, historical experience, gender equality, consumerism and climate change, the role of artist in the society and many others. Both museum buildings have got a shop and a cafeteria. The entrance fee is just 5 złoty.

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