Museu Nogueira da Silva

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The Museu Nogueira da Silva is a famous museum located in Braga. This is a museum that is filled with the life collection of Nogueira da Silva. This man lived a very philanthropic life and has a passion for collecting antiques and other works of art. In his collection are many rare pieces of paintings, furniture, and sculptures. Many of these pieces are from the renaissance pieces, but there are also 17th century ceramics as well as furniture. There are also prime examples of Portuguese paintings, ceramics, silver, ivory, and religious art.

The art collection is only one part of the aesthetic of this museum as the building itself is beautiful. There are also gardens around the location that are based off French design. Located in the heart of Braga, this is a museum that you have to visit to experience what a great collection this man amassed in his lifetime.

In 1975, this museum was donated to the University of Minho.

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Avenida Central 61 4710 Braga