Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga

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The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga is the most important museum of art from the 12th to the 19th centuries in Portugal, hosting the most relevant public collection of Portuguese and foreign masterpieces. The museum is located in a magnificent palace of the 17th century, built by D. Francisco de Távora, the first Count of Alvor.

The collection consists of about 40,000 pieces, including painting, sculpture, jewelery, drawing and decorative arts – Portuguese, European, African and Oriental. Part of the collection includes pieces of religious art that were confiscated from the monasteries in 1834, after the official abolition of religious orders. In addition, the museum contains an impressive amount of art that illustrates the colonial history of Portugal.

Don’t miss the impressive collection of Portuguese paintings from the 14th and 19th centuries with religious themes, depicting the adoration of St. Vincent de Fora. You’ll also find an intriguing collection of non-European art, including Japanese paintings that depict Portuguese sailors and explorers upon their arrival in Japan. Large noses, prominent moustaches and unique clothing are exaggerated, revealing how early Europeans were perceived by the Japanese.

The museum has a magnificent garden, with restaurant and esplanade, offers an exceptional view over the Tagus River.

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