Museu do Futebol Clube do Porto

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Futebol Clube do Porto inaugurates in 2013, the year of its 120th anniversary, the museum of the institution, also known as Museum of FC Porto by BMG.

This is a sports museum located beneath the nascent bench at Dragon Stadium and gathers an accumulated 120-year history of the club. The museum has pieces such as the Intercontinental Cup, to the cap of José Maria Pedroto, mythical coach of the institution.

The entrance to the museum is marked by a large blue star and the entrance hall of the institution has the play “valquíria dragão” by the Portuguese sculptor Joana Vasconcelos.

This is a must stop for anyone who vibrates with the world of sports.

Contacts & Details

Via Futebol Clube do Porto, s/n 4350-415 Porto


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