Museu Arqueológico Martins Sarmento

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Founded in 1881, the Martins Sarmento Society is an incredibly important cultural institution in the study of Celtic culture. It was named after Martins Sarmento, the archaeologist who led the excavation of the Citânia de Briteiros in 1875.

This archeological museum can be found within the cloisters of the Martins Sarmento Society headquarters, the Igreja de São Domingos.

A number of truly impressive artefacts can be found here, including Roman milestones and thick columns and an ancient Celtic sarcophagus that is covered in moss.

There is also a stunning display of pedras formosas (beautiful stones) which were once used to decorate the Celtiberian bathhouses.

Also, check out the intriguing case of Neolithic and Paleolithic tools and the bizarre miniature bronze chariot.

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Rua Paio Galvão 66 4814-510 Guimarães