Museo Nacional d’Arte de Catalunya

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Located in the Palau Nacional de Montjuïc, which can be reached from Plaza Espanya, the Nacional Museum d’Arte de Catalunya was built, like many other structures in the same area, for the International Exposition of 1929.

Five years later it was opened to host a medieval collection and in 1995 the permanent collection was expanded with the integration of modern art.

Some of the most important artworks include Romanesque mural painting, and the most representative artists of the Catalan Modernism, such as Gaudí and Casas. The eclectic collection also includes masterpieces by Tiziano and Velázquez.

The Palau Nacional houses the museum. Designed by Eugenio Cendoya and Enric Catà also for the 1929 International Exposition, it is a Spanish Renaissance-inspired building.

The staircases display fountains by Carles Buigas and the impressive dome was planned to represent religion, science, fine arts and the Earth.

The Great Hall is used mainly for events. Visits are closed on Mondays and on the remaining days it depends on summer and winter time.

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