Musée du Vieux Montpellier

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Set in the Hotel de Varennes, this museum presents collections of various objects related to the history of Monpellier from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. It is located in Place Pétrarque, in an apartment of a former mansion, decorated with woodwork of the 18th century, French ceilings, gypseries and ground bars.

The hall houses some of the masterpieces of the museum: the statue of the Virgin and Child of the 13th century and its tabernacle, the reproduction of the Dillon plan (18th century), watercolors, prints including the siege of Montpellier and the “gold cabinet of the consuls”, a large wardrobe realized in the 17th century which housed the charters of the City.

The so-called hall ”of processions” presents some portraits of donors from the General Hospital, religious statuettes and processions batons of the brotherhoods of penitents of Montpellier. The living room of the 18th century features furniture of this period, including a table clock and cabinet made with mother-of-pearl. Works of art are exhibited, including a blue camaieu. The room of the revolution exposes objects, paintings and engravings related to this period, notably stones of the Bastille received by the City.

Over time faience, medals and clothes of the 19th century were added. In the corridor, numerous engravings tell the history of the city.
There are plans and perspectives but also some images of remarkable monuments: Cathedral, Water tower, Greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes, Arc de Triomphe.

The boudoir is divided into two distinct parts. The first part continues the corridor with engravings and watercolors, the second houses the “office” of M. Pagézy, the mayor who transformed the city under the Second Empire.

The so-called room of the chimney, presents religious furniture and diverse objects including two games of mallet, a game of Montpellier halfway between croquet and golf.

One of the most beautiful pieces of the museum is undoubtedly the Black Virgin, a Madonna with Child, a polychrome wood statuette from the 13th century. It replaced the Magestat Antiqua with the peculiar softness of the expression which was originally enthroned in Notre-Dame des Tables since the end of the 12th century.

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