Musée de Lodève

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Located in the walls of the former Hotel of Cardinal Fleury since 1987, the Museum of Lodève is a recent museum, whose collections are nevertheless very interesting.

In 1868, the Geological Society of France expressed the wish that a museum presenting the petrographic and palaeontological riches of the city of Montpellier should be established at Lodève. A very important donation of a Montpellier archeologist, Jacques Audibert, is at the origin of the constitution of the museum whose collections were enriched from time to time by additional donations and acquisitions.

These collections joined the donation of sculptor Paul Dardé at the Hotel de Fleury in 1962, an illustrator but also important collector. Since 2010, extensive renovation works have been undertaken.

Each year a temporary exhibition of great quality attracts many visitors to this small museum with certain charm.

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Square Georges Auric Adresse postale 1 place Francis Morand 34700 Lodève