Musée de la pharmacie Albert Ciurana

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Named after its creator, the Museum addresses the history of pharmacy and its various components (industrial, biological, hospital and medicinal pharmacy).

It is the only Pharmacy Museum of this size that is located on a university site. It houses objects, books, furniture, busts, oil paintings and machines from donations connected to pharmaceutical art. All these pieces recount the advances of pharmaceutical sciences over the centuries, linking theory and practice.

The medicinal product is inseparable from the medical way of thinking and is at the heart of this collection, with raw materials derived from botany, physico-chemistry, mycology, toxicology and its poisons, but also from men. Among them were two Montpellier scholars, A.J. Balard, pharmacist chemist who discovered bromine and JE Planchon, botanist and pharmacist who saved the French vine threatened in the nineteenth century by phylloxera.

Knowledge of wine is also represented at the Museum as we owe to Professor P. Jaulme, one of the masters of the Montpellier Pharmacy sector, the creation of the diploma of oenologist in 1955.

To give a true perspective on the evolution of Pharmacy, the Museum also focuses on the pharmacy dispensary. It presents numerous reconstructions of pharmacies of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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13-15 Avenue Charles Flahault 34090 Montpellier