Musée d’Anatomie

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Created in 1795 at the opening of the School of Health in Montpellier, it contains parts from pathological cases observed in the hospital environment. It was expand in 1851 and transferred in its current premises built by the architect Pierre-Charles Abric.

In a majestic framework punctuated by the colonnades, and paintings of the artist from Montpellier Jean-Pierre Montseret (1813-1888), a succession of showcases expose the description of the human body as well as its pathologies, through more than 5000 parts. A large part of the collection is classified as historic monuments.

The collections corollaries, relating to comparative anatomy and to zoology on the one hand, to archeology on the other hand, still come to aggregate in this together.

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2 Rue de l'École de Médecine 34000 Montpellier