Munich Residenz

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Constructed as a small defensive castle for the royal family in 1385, the Munich Residenz grew over centuries into a sprawling palace you see today. It remained the home of Bavarian rulers till 1918 and has become the biggest city palace in Germany. The complex of edifices in the Munich Residenz has 10 courtyards and a museum of 130 rooms. Now, it is a huge complex of exhibitions about Bavaria’s history and plays host to music competitions and classical concerts as well. There are three main parts of the Residenz: the Konigsbau, the Alte Residenz, and the Festsaalbau housing Cuvillies Theatre.

Inside the museum, there are collections of paintings, silver, porcelain, goldwork, and classical antiquities stored by the Wittelsbach monarchs. Antiquarium’s Renaissance collections are especially beautiful. Among the palace grounds are the amazing Court Garden and numerous ponds and fountains. Another great spot is the Royal Treasury which expanded from the 1500s to treasures the Wittlesbachs amassed from Royal jewels.

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Residenzstraße 1, München, Germany 80333