Monastery of Panagia Kalyviani

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Kalyviani Monastery is located in the Faneromeni Municipal District, 60 kilometers from Heraklion. Cited for the first time in the census of 1900, it then counted eleven men and seven women.

According to one hypothesis, at the time of the Venetian domination, a Lord of the region built the Church of the Virgin Kalyviani. In fact, the lords used to build small churches in their fiefs. Under Ottoman occupation, the church was occupied and served as a stable and a warehouse. Later, in 1873, an icon of the Annunciation was found in the region.

The peasants asked the Turkish occupier of the region to give them a piece of land around the ruined church to rebuild it. Despite the refusal of the Turks, the Christians did not lose hope and turned to the higher administrative authorities. There followed a diplomatic incident which ended with the sale of the church to the Christians. The church was restored and became an important pilgrimage site for Christians throughout Crete.

In 1956-1957, the very active metropolitan of Gortyne and Arkadi, Timotheos Papoutsakis, created a Christian community organized around the monastery, which included an orphanage for girls, a nursing home, a housework school, a girls’ , a sewing school, a primary school, a printing house, a weaving, sewing and embroidery workshop, a museum, etc.

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