Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

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See all of Lisbon spread out beneath you as you breathe in the fresh air at this lofty lookout point. This is the highest viewpoint in the city and the best place to enjoy views of the castle it offers uninterrupted panoramic views all across Lisbon, including the old quarter, the Tagus River and the Saint George Castle.

This point is not often crowded, as it is located just outside the main city and doesn’t receive as many visitors. Shaded by pine trees, it offers a cool and peaceful place to admire the view.

Within the grounds there is a chapel dedicated to Saint Gens, an ancient bishop and martyr. According to local lore, his chapel is said to offer protection to women during childbirth and it is believed that any pregnant woman who sits on the stone chair inside will have an easy and trouble-free delivery.

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Rua Senhora do Monte, 50 1170-358 Lisboa