Millennium Bridge

Bridge Always Open (possibly closed due Covid-19 restrictions) Check location

Millennium Bridge is an amazing pedestrian-only bridge that sits on the River Thames. This breathtaking structure was opened to the public in 2000 and happens to be near various tourist sites. After its construction, it soon became popular as the Wobbly Bridge, an issue quickly fixed by the developers.

There is great symbolism in how this bridge connects the old with the new in London since this 330-meter-long steel bridge directly joins St. Paul’s Cathedral on one side to Tate Modern on the other. You can travel from one tourist destination to another in the most beautiful way possible.

Even during the night, the bridge looks stunning so an evening stroll down here is a must for everybody visiting London. For some amazing photo-taking opportunities, you can capture some great shots of St. Paul’s Cathedral while walking towards the North or the Globe Theatre when walking towards South.

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Thames Embankment London, United Kingdom SE1 9JE