Mercat Santa Caterina

Restaurant Open in this Schedule (possibly closed due Covid-19 restrictions) Check location

A space designed to make our market known through networks and to be a point of information and attention easy, agile and very intuitive.

In addition, we want to be a speaker in the neighborhood and that’s why we created an “agenda” guide where you can find the activities that will happen in the neighborhood in the next few days.

All entities and groups that you want to appear only need to enter the form that you will find in the Agenda section and send us your information.

Finally, thank you for your visit and wish you have a great experience on our site!

Contacts & Details

Av. de Francesc Cambó, 16 08003


07:30 – 15:30


07:30 – 20:30


07:30 – 15:30


07:30 – 20:30


07:30 – 20:30


07:30 – 15:30