Mercat de L’Abaceria

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The Mercado de L´ Abaceria Central is located in Travessera de Gracia, number 186, surrounded by the streets of Puigmartí, Virgen de los Desamparados, Torrijos and Travessera de Gràcia. It has a commercial area of ​​1,572 m2.
Currently it is waiting for the reform of the old market.

At the end of the 19th century, an open-air market was opened in the Plaça de la Revolució, which at that time was called Plaza de Isabel, near the current market. Subsequently, an industrialist named Puig Martí decided to build the current covered market that opened in 1892 under the name of Isabel. Later it received the name of Market of the Revolution.

Many of the outdoor market stalls of the Revolution Square were moved to the covered market. After a few years, the market passed into the hands of municipalities in exchange for reclassifying as edificables a few lands owned by Puig Martí.

For many years, the covered market and the open air market coexisted. However, the institutions forced the outdoors sellers to move to the covered market. It must be said that many of the current merchants are nephews or great-grandchildren of those first market vendors in the Revolution Square.

Until the 50´s the interior of the market had a very different appearance from today. Instead of the current stalls there were wooden or marble tables so that there was an overview of the entire market from one side to the other.

Subsequently it was called Central Abaceria, which is currently maintained.

The covered market is from 1892 and was rebuilt in 1965.

Like the rest of the centennial markets of the city, it has a metallic architectural structure with a sealed work closure and is made up of three bodies, a central nave and two lateral corridors. Apart from the large proportions, this ship stands out due to its oval roofs.

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