Mercado do Bolhão

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During the 19th century the great market of the city gathered next to the river side and the great influx of people and goods created the need of a new market and the displacement of the noisy confusion of the riverside.

A land was given by the cathedral for the new market to be created, through it passed a small river that joined with the one called Rio da Vila, and there created a little bump existed which made the water into a “buble” passing through it, and that created its name Bolhão (Big buble).

The beautiful neoclassical building was created after the market place, and in fact, sorrounding the commercial square already in existence. The creation of the market enforced the progression of the center of the town, and it is still a place where the locals go when they want to buy fresh products and live th spirit of the old town stronglly linked with the shouted bargains of the sellers.

In 2006 it was classified as Property of Public Interest.

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