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A mix of public hangout, flea market, pocket music festival, a karaoke stage, and a Berlin Wall memorial, the Mauerpark is one of the busiest parks in Berlin, especially on Sundays.

Located in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, with a party atmosphere, it still is a memory of the city’s division. In addition to the flea market and the karaoke, the Mauerpark is also the stage for many other events all year round: at Easter, families hide eggs in the grass, while on Walpurgis Night, from late April to May, Berliners and visitors meet here to dance.

The popularity of the park is however made of the Sunday afternoon’s flea market, where street vendors sell clothes, shoes, bicycles or vinyl records and even large furniture and of the karaoke sessions in the amphitheater, starting usually at 3 pm on Sundays and attendants bring their own food and drinks. An 800 meters long strip of the Berlin Wall still stands in the park as a monument and is often used as a canvas for graffiti artists.

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Gleimstraße 55 10437 Berlin