Marlu Butik

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Travelers who wish to get stylish clothes can drop by the Marlu Butik in Warsaw. This luxury boutique for women makes clothes which were worn by some of the biggest names in the show business including Anna Lewandowska, Małgorzata Rozenek, Agnieszka Dygant, Julia Wieniawa, Anna Dereszowska, Marta Żmuda – Trzebiatowska and many others.

From elegant creations like airy dresses to the sports collection and set pants, the Marly Butik offers something for every woman out there. The staff is professional and always more than happy to assist the shoppers.

Contacts & Details

Żurawia 1a, plac Trzech Krzyży 7, 00-503 Warszawa


11:00 – 19:00


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11:00 – 19:00


11:00 – 19:00


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