L’Opéra Comédie

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The Opera Comédie was opened in 1888, and is located on the Place de la Comédie. It is the work of the architect Joseph-Marie Cassien-Bernard, a student of Charles Garnier, architect of the opera of Paris, and, like him, is conceived as an Italian opera.

Its facade is decorated with three grandiose windows overlooking three wide doors and a large plaza, and wearing a balustrade decorated with four statues representing the Song, Poetry, Tragedy and Comedy, as well as a monumental clock , due to the sculptor from Beziers, Antonin Injalbert.

A large double-volute white marble staircase leads from the small hall to the plaza of the first gallery. The eight frescoes adorning the walls of the Grand Foyer represent Dance, Pastoral, Poetry, Comedy, Song, History, Music and Tragedy. The large hall offers 1200 seats as most of the theaters in Italian style of the late 19th century which develop on five levels. The pit can hold 60 musicians.

The Salle Molière, a concert hall with 350 seats, is located perpendicularly to the theater in a Montpellier tradition and already existed in the two previous theaters, both destroyed by fires.

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30 Place de la Comédie 34000 Montpellier