Lisboa ao Vivo


The LAV- Lisbon Live is born to bridge the gap in terms of medium-sized concert halls in the capital.
A room designed and designed from the ground up for events and performance activities, mainly live music shows, with capacity for about one thousand people.
A cultural equipment available to musicians, agents and promoters that is now becoming a reality in Lisbon.
The LAV – Lisboa Live is a multifaceted venue for shows,
Concerts and events, private or institutional, with 800 square meters of floor space and mezzanine all around, have two different stages inside, which can serve different purposes depending on the size of the event: stage 1, the main room, which has events for up to a maximum capacity of 1000 people and stage 2 for events for up to 250 people in an atmosphere closer to the café-concert.
The stages can work together or separately, which makes the LAV
Very versatile and easily adaptable to various configurations.

Contacts & Details

Av. Infante Dom Henrique, Armazem 3 1950-406 Lisboa