L’Irish Tavern

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The Irish tavern is the oldest pub in Montpellier. It takes advantage of the atmosphere and the friendliness of the neighborhood of Fine Arts, thereby giving him this small supplement of the soul that is expected of a Pub.

There is good to share its acoustic discoveries, its musical moods, its sports emotions, its friendships, its joys, her laughter, its glances accomplices, his passions.

We have taken the care to create our card with the concern to always offer you products of qualifications and exceptions: Wide range of beer, and 2 new beers each month; beautiful choice of whiskies of exception Scottish and Irish people; map of wines representative of the region, for all tastes; Boards to nibble of the products of qualifications, while enjoying the ambiance of the Pub.

On Thursdays and Fridays are placed under the sign of the concerts, in offering you 2 appointment acoustic music weekly. We will have artists from here and elsewhere nothing that for you. The rest of the week is placed under the theme of sport, with the retransmission of football matches, rugby, handball, of poker, games, meetings.

Contacts & Details

13 Rue Lunaret 34000 Montpellier


18:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00