Lion Square

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This is the heart of Heraklion, where tourists and locals share the small space around the fountain, exchanging glances and perhaps a few words. Business and pleasure are combined here and it is the place to meet for any purpose or no purpose. To give some background, it might also be called the Morosini Fountain or, Liondaria in Greek or, more correctly, ”Plateia Eleftheriou Venizelou”, after Venizelos, Crete’s greatest man of state.

The embellished fountain is composed of eight cisterns and decorated with a stone relief, depicting figures of the Greek mythology, Nymphs, Tritons, sea monsters and dolphins, while the main basin is supported by four sitting lions balancing a circular ball on their heads.

Francesco Morosini had it built to celebrate the Venetian success of bringing water, through a brilliantly designed system, from Mount Youhtas to the centre of the city. Morosini was still in office when the Ottoman invaded the city. Nowadays the fountain is always interesting, the hub around which Heraklion revolves.

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