L’hôtel Haguenot

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The Hotel Haguenot, also known as the Haguenot Villa, is a Montpellier extravagance of the second half of the 18th century, listed as a historical monument since 1963. Located 6 rue de la Merci, it is built on the site of an old Dominican farm that belonged to the canon of St. Peter’s Cathedral, which later sold it to Henri Haguenot, who gave it his name.

A hygienist and anatomist, Henri Haguenot (1687-1775) is a brilliant scientist of the 18th century. As Dean of the university of Montpellier he accumulated his functions with that of magistrate to the Court of the aids of Montpellier. He was more than seventy years old when he decided to build this hotel, which was located at the time in a suburban area, below the recently renovated promenade of the Peyrou. To this end, he hires Jean Antoine Giral, the most active architect in Montpellier in the 18th century. Several landowners succeeded each other until 1861, when it was acquired by the family which still occupies it today.

The Hotel Haguenot is located right in the heart of the city and can be visited all year round by appointment. The classification as a historic monument is justified by the facades and roofs of the hotel, the orange grove and the common areas, the garden, the entrance gate and the monumental fountain, the rooms on the ground floor with their decor: Entrance, dining room, bedroom, study.

Visits are on request.

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3 Rue Clapiès 34000 Montpellier