Les 40 degrés

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Forty degrees, is the latitude of a good number of countries such as Japan or Spain, whose the culinary art is one of the inspirations of the dishes that we propose to you.

Forty degrees, is the symbol of a temperature from which we can start some firings which respect the products perfectly.

Forty degrees, it is also the degree of alcohol of many of our “which rise” that you can associate with your meals.

Forty degrees, is a angle, a point of view, it is the precision and the number.

If the greed is a sin, then we regret to admit to you that we are working constantly to be tentateurs unrepentant. A kitchen from the market to the once contemporary and inspired by the great culinary traditions, French and foreign.

A kitchen in which the head is derived from the School Grégoire Ferrandi, deemed to be one of the best in the world and which are from a number of large heads of the new generation.

A kitchen that reinvents itself as a function of seasonal arrivals and our inspirations.

A cuisine which does not hesitate to jump into bed with large alcohols and cocktails foodies… and as a small air of swing permanently in the head.

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