Les arènes de Nîmes

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The arenas of Nimes are a Roman amphitheater built towards the end of the 1st century. Its function is then to entertain the population of the colony of Nemausus.

During the Great Invasions, it transformed into a fortified village where the population took refuge, then from the Middle Ages until the 19th century it became a district with its streets and shops. In the 19th century, the monument was cleared and reconverted into an arena.

Today, it hosts twenty bullfights and Camargue-styles races each year and various cultural events (concerts, historical reconstructions, Pegoulade). Apart from these events, the building is open for visits throughout the year.

This amphitheater is undoubtedly, at least by the general appearance of its façade, having preserved its coronation attic with its columns and 60 arcades at each level, its system of internal public circulation almost intact and a large part of its tiers (restored in the 19th century), the best preserved in the world.

It is, however, not yet a UNESCO World Heritage Site, unlike its neighbor in Arles, less well preserved. If the arenas of Nîmes are classified as historical monuments they are not yet inscribed on the world heritage of Unesco.

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