L’église Notre-Dame desTables

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The church of Notre-Dame des Tables originally sat on Place Jean-Jaurès. After its destruction the only thing that survived was its foundations which currently house the museum of the history of Montpellier.

The church, then called Sainte-Marie des Tables, was a stop on the pilgrimage to de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. The church then set up tables of money changers and merchant stalls which earned him his nickname “Notre Dame des Tables”.

The present basilica of baroque style began its construction at 1707 under the direction of Jean Giral. It was the chapel of the Jesuit college which became the Fabre museum From the visit of the interior of the basilica we will remember his choir, the altarpiece and the organ of Puget.

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43 Rue de l'Aiguillerie 34000 Montpellier