L’Effet Mer – Plage privée à la Grande-Motte

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This year 2017 the whole team of Effect Sea is pleased and proud to celebrate its 15 years! This season will therefore be particularly festive and rich in surprises, rhythmic to the sound of many artists and guests that we receive throughout the season.

Inspiration of the true Mediterranean cuisine, where the scents, colors and generosity are savored… stopover in the Pacific Ocean where the journey of the Senses is operates at the contact of the Asian gastronomy, our chef reveals as well his learned mixture and sublime the map of the restaurant. A blend guaranteeing flavor, color, warmth and generosity.

It is also possible to share a brunch every Sunday noon, where the meal will be served in the form of a buffet.

A place where the summer will not be as nowhere else: a beach, generously comfortable to the Mediterranean cuisine, fully redesigned and remodeled by Imaad Rahmouni, designer of renown. The beach is now wants a place unpublished and singular. Young and dynamic, in its daily activity, full of freshness and ranging, Effet-Mer plays the priority of the service and the comfort in favor of its clientele.

The lounge bar of the effect Sea is the ideal place to soak up the relaxd atmosphere of the beach. The day you can enjoy a relaxd atmosphere and once the sun lying, takes place then a festive atmosphere. Our bartenders passionate by the creation and evolution of the culture cocktail, through this card inspired by our head barman Guillaume Chavance, you will discover new authentic tastes that will bring you a real pleasure of tasting.

With spirits “premiums” of quality, of juice and fruit puree or fresh vegetables and spices carefully chosen. Of Sublime assemblages that will astound you.

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Le grand travers, Route des Plages, 34280 La Grande-Motte


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