Le Zoo de Lunaret

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In 1910, Henri de Lunaret, owner of the estate of La Vallette, covering nearly 350 hectares, bequeaths his property to the city of Montpellier. In 1939 the municipality entrusts the management of the estate to the ENSAM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie de Montpellier).

In 1963 Mr. Doumenge, oceanographer and deputy mayor, traces the first limits of the future “zoo” which is built then thanks to the former Harkis on a surface of 60ha. The park opens its doors in 1964, the zebra is the first species presented.

The zoological park has expanded two times to its current size in 2001 with the development of three major enclosures: Atlas lions, Syrian bears and white rhinoceroses. The park contains 1104 animals representing 130 animal species.

The Amazonian Greenhouse, unique in France, opens its doors in 2007, built on 2600 m2 on a height of 14.5 m. The route proposed in the Amazonian greenhouse is a real walk in the heart of the rainforest. The uphill trail takes you from the mangrove to the heights of the canopy. The greenhouse is home to nearly 3,500 tropical plants.

The Lez nature reserve is an exceptional site of 20ha, shaped by cliffs and bounded by the Lez, formerly landscaped with mills, it presents an astonishing landscape diversity. Its flora and fauna have all the characteristics of the different vegetal formations of the lower Languedoc. The very close vicinity of archaeological sites, from prehistory to antiquity, makes it the ideal tool to tell the history of the Mediterranean forest.

The children’s farm, created in 1982, is a welcoming place where educational activities are organized around the bees.

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