Le Quartier de l’Écusson

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It corresponds to the oldest part of the city, which is created on a hill. The enclosure of the 13th century gradually dismantled from the 17th century delimited part of the medieval city.

The majority of the streets of l’Écusson are therefore streets of narrow, revolving medieval origin. Most of the buildings are also of medieval origin, modified mainly in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In the 19th century, following the example of Baron Haussmann, Mayor Jules Pagézy starts to create wide avenues in l’Écusson. Its projects have remained unfinished and have left only the Rue Foch between the triumphal arch of the ‘Porte du Peyrou’ and the ‘Place de la Prefecture’, and Rue de la Loge between ‘Place de la Prefecture’ and ‘Place de la Comédie’. These two streets are the two main commercial streets of the historic center of Montpellier.

The pedestrianization of the Crest is almost complete.

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