Le prieuré Saint-Michel de Grandmont

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The priory of Saint-Michel de Grandmont is a former monastery of the Order of Grandmont, founded around 1076 in the region of Limoges by the hermit Etienne de Muret, which is in the territory of the commune of Saint Privat in an oak forest and close to Lodève.

It was founded in 1259 by Guillaume de Cazouls, bishop of Lodève. After the dissolution of the Order in 1772, the priory of Saint-Michel was attached to the bishopric of Lodeve, but two monks continued to live there until their death in 1785. After the Revolution, the priory became a farm.

The church built in the 12th century has a single barrel vault nave. The quarter sphere roof is pierced by three windows which constitute the only lighting of the building. The building has no decoration. The cloister which adjoins the south side of the church dates from the middle of the 13th century. It has preserved its four galleries supported by double pillars. The west gallery opens onto the kitchen, the gallery is on the chapter room. The upstairs rooms, which constituted the dormitory of the monks, were reworked in modern times.

Classified as a historic monument in 1981, it is open to the public and hosts concerts and exhibitions.

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