Le petit travers

Green Space

As well is called the beach which connects Carnon to the Grande Motte. You will appreciate the ten kilometers of fine sand beach bordered of dunes.

The Petit Travers is bordered by a small asphalt road along which you can park your car. On the other side of this road are a series of dune and ponds without homes.

The Petit Travers therefore offers the advantage of the Mediterranean without having of houses or buildings concreted. Sellers of donuts, favorites, ice or beverages roving the beach in season but it is not furnished despite sometimes the presence of trucks french fries along the road.

On the other hand the Petit Travers has been fully refurbished not long ago, thus offering a larger space of sand for the greatest pleasure of the bathers, but unfortunately it has, in the wake, been prohibited to dogs who had previously had the habit to take a dip with their dogs… So here is the ideal beach if you want to appreciate a space of beach retained in the far natural of the Civilisation (finally almost) and this to a small dozen kilometers from Montpellier.

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