Le Parfum

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Cocktail Bar and dims sums in a superb decor atypical.

Sacha imagine its cocktails allies to a food while perfumed: the dim sum, literally, heart to small Key, this are cooked bites to the Steam served in bamboo baskets, that we savor by soaking in a sauce with chopsticks.

The dims sums are of Cantonese origin, they were offered to traders on the silk road to the Ming period, travellers as well as Aboriginal peoples The dégustaient during the YUM Cha (tasting of the TEA).

Currently the dim sum becomes an inescapable in the Bars of London and New York where tea has been replaced by the cocktails.

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55 rue de la cavalerie 34000 Montpellier


19:00 – 01:00


19:00 – 01:00


19:00 – 01:00


19:00 – 01:00


19:00 – 01:00