Le mikvé médiéval de Montpellier

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Located at 1 rue Barralerie, the mikveh or Jewish ritual bath of purification of the 13th century is the witness of the importance of the Jewish community which played a big part in the development and the radiance of Montpellier.
Located in the heart of what was the Jewish quarter , the mikveh is one of the oldest and best preserved in Europe.

The mikveh is fed by a constantly renewed underground water table; The water emerges from an orifice, or gargoyle, which symbolizes its passage. The entrance is by a staircase of 15 ritual steps leading to the changing room, connected to the basin by a twin bay with a small column in the marquee with vegetal decoration.

The building of the Rue de la Barralerie is classified as a historical monument; It contains the remains of the medieval synagogue and hosts the Maimonides – Averroes – Thomas Aquinas University Institute.

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1 rue Barralerie 34000 Montpellier