Le Grain des Mots

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The grain of the words is a library where it is good to find and find themselves. A place where we can make a pause, discover the latest publications or even engage in a discussion with impromptu a person whose we share the taste of the reading and the conversation.

In this library felted of 200 square meters, there is the corners of silence, armchairs, to immerse themselves in a poem, a test or an end of novel.

Of the book to the books, the trip is done in the largest eclecticism, of literature in the cinema in passing by the human sciences and the art books, without forgetting the radius youth. The eclecticism rhymes, here with requirement and curiosity.

There is also a spirit, a commitment with associations to work not only the appetite of readers, but also the subjects of society, the political issues and international issues. We can meet in literary evenings, writers who we are Visit or revisit, through their fictions or their trials, the world of yesterday and today.

To Grain des Mots, you can meet the ghosts of Proust, Kafka or of Kerouac, but also of the living as Jérome Ferrari, Jean-Claude Michea, Lyonel Trouillot or Bernard Christmas, whose voices still resonate long in us, after their passages.

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13 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume 34000 Montpellier


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