Le Corum

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The Corum is the congress palace of the city of Montpellier.

Decreased during its construction for its architecture and its cost, it hosts the Berlioz Opera of 2100 places, one of the two places of residence of the Opera and national orchestra of Montpellier with the theater of Comedy.

The building, delivered in 1988, all in length is designed mainly by the architect Claude Vasconi. It is distinguished by its cover with sheets of pink granite from Finland.

It is often the seat of exhibitions and congresses. It is located north of the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade. Its main entrance on the esplanade is at the top of a hill and the building extends and unfolds in the slope to dominate the place of November 11 and the rectilinear road of Nimes.

At the foot of the Corum is one of the main public transport stops of the city served by three of the four tram lines of Montpellier and several bus lines.

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440 Esp Charles de Gaulle 34000 Montpellier