Le Château de Flaugergues

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Classified as historical monuments, the castle of Flaugergues is a madness of Montpellier located 1744 Albert Einstein Avenue, east of Montpellier. It was built and desired by Étienne de Flaugergues, adviser to the Court of Auditors of the city, in 1696. It is the center of a vineyard.

The castle is made up of a central body and two lateral bodies overlooking a staircase garden lined with vineyards. The two-storey building on the ground floor, made of stone, offers the monumental appearance of an Italian villa from the 17th century. Broad stripes emphasize the levels of the floors.

The roof of hollow tiles is crowned with ears of ridge tile glazed in the form of balls on pedestrian, which accentuate the Mediterranean nobility of the edifice. The building is entirely facing the garden. The rear facade is almost blind, false windows providing the illusion.

In front of the chateau, the terrace presents two statues of Guyon, La Paix and L’Abondance (1728). The French garden extending in front of the terrace was restored in the 20th century and planted with ten thousand feet of boxwood, by the current owners and their children.

A three-hectare English park extends the garden to the southwest and an olive grove of four hundred meters leads to a gazebo from where the view leads to the ponds and the sea. The park and the gardens of Flaugergues are labeled “Jardin remarquable”.

The main element of the interior architecture is its staircase with hanging key, rising on three floors without the support of any pillar. At its walls, a series of tapestries from Flanders. The rooms are furnished with Louis XV and Louis XVI, family paintings and a collection of porcelain and faience. The library houses a series of ancient scientific instruments.

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