Le Château de Castries

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The château de Castries is a 17th century building built on medieval bases. Classified as historical monuments since 1966, it dominates the town of Castries.

Around 1520, the old castle was razed and rebuilt on the bases of the present castle, whose history, for five centuries, will be closely linked to that of the village.

In 1622: the Duke de Rohan, head of the Reformed Churches, orders the demolition of the walls and the filling of the ditches to better defend Montpellier, a safe place for Protestants against the troops of Louis XIII. In 1985, the castle was bequeathed to the French Academy at the request of the Duke of Castries.

On the architectural level, we highlight that the rib vaults of the ground floor of the north wing are all that remains of the castle destroyed in 1622 and that the present castle comprises two main buildings set square. These dwellings are confined to three square pavilions, topped with recently renovated roofs covered with glazed tiles.

Outside the castle there is the aqueduct built by the engineer Paul Riquet, architect of the Canal du Midi, which allows the harnessing of the water source of Fontgrand, as well as the Orangerie, the courtyard terraces, the aisles leaving the central basin which were designed by the landscaper of the gardens of Versailles, André Lenôtre. The beds of topiaries were replaced by fountains and gates of Ifs in 1930.

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