Le Chat

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Located opposite the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, with its back to the 9 de Abril Garden and its eyes on the Tagus River, Le Chat is a lounge bar with a fantastic view over the city and the river. Open since 2010, it is a modern space with a minimalist architecture where the glass and the luminosity stand out. On cooler winter evenings, the terrace remains appealing, where the heaters make the space warm and comfortable.

In this one that is one of the most well-known belvederes of Lisbon, the menu is varied in national wines, cocktails and snacks. Cocktails take on a variety of originality – Mojito with ginger, Martini with green apple or basil or with cherry tomatoes, Bloody Mary with mozzarella de bufala, Daiquiris vegetables, among other specialties.

Contacts & Details

Jardim 9 de Abril, 18/20 1200-736 Lisboa


12:30 – 00:00


12:30 – 02:00


12:30 – 02:00


12:30 – 02:00


12:30 – 02:00


12:30 – 02:00


12:30 – 02:00