Łazienki Park

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Located at the largest park of Warsaw, the Lazienza, the Chopin bronze statue was designed in 1907 by Waclaw Szymanowski and planned for the centenary commemorations of the composer’s birth, however was only erected in 1926, after several delays because of the controversy of its design and then by the outbreak of World War I.

It was the first monument destroyed by the occupying Germans in Warsaw in 1940 but the preservation of the original mold made it possible to cast a replica, placed at the original site in 1958. The bronze monument depicts Chopin sitting under a weeping willow and the branches of the tree are falling as if swept by a strong wind.

The composer is seen as a musician seeking inspiration, involved by the sounds of nature with his eyes half-closed, with its right hand raised in the air, as if above the keyboard of an invisible piano. In the summer, Chopin concerts are held at the foot of the monument.

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Łazienki Królewskie, al. Ujazdowskie 00-001 Warszawa