Las Cuevas de Sésamo

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The small Sesamo coffee started in 1950 being owned by María del Carmen Puente.

The coffee became a bar when Tomas Cruz Diaz, a republican reprisal and also an owner, equipped this space with a piano. From there painters began to cover the walls of paintings as well as poets, writers, philosophers and artists also in this writing offering customers sangria, among other beverages.

The generation of the 50´s went entirely through the social gatherings of the Sesamo wineries.

A few years later the Argentine painter Bruno Venier also left his mark on the walls of the “Sesamo cave” and between 1955 and 1967 prizes were introduced to the paintings resulting in winners like the painter Lucas Castell and writer Jesús López Pacheco among many others.

In 1956 the Sesamo prize was created for short romances. The first winner was the work “El mar está suelo” by Vicente Carredano.Since then, many would be the writers who won this prestigious award.The last edition of this award was in the year 1991.

Small tables with towels, chairs and benches are distributed in the divided room with open walls in the center. In the center it has a sculpture of the head of a horse similar to the one that Fidias made for the Parthenon, but this one is tied to two transverse bars in the corners.

Nowadays The Sesamo bar is a place where only the phrases painted on the walls vary due to the need to paint the installations and they will be immediately replaced by others as forceful as the previous ones.

Some people considered a secret bar with sangria and piano with a good atmosphere. The locals love this place that is hidden in the basement like a cave and with a piano as the only source of music. The sangria is great and the walls are painted with poems. It is really a place to go with a group and start the night (or end the afternoon).

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