L'Aqueduc des arceaux

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More commonly known as the Arceaux aqueduct, it was built in the 18th century to supply water to Montpellier by the engineer Henri Pitot de Launay in 1754 who designed it after being inspired from the Pont du Gard.

The aqueduct connects the source Saint-Clément to the water tower of la promenade du Peyrou for a distance of 14km. It is thanks to this construction that Montpellier has been able to provide itself with its many fountains of the city center.

On about 800m, the construction consists of a double row arcades that gave its name to the neighborhood they cross, Les Arceaux.

A market takes place at the foot of the aqueduct on Tuesdays and Saturdays mornings.

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Les Arceaux 34000 Montpellier