L’Abbaye de Vignogoul

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If the origin of its name remains obscure it is not without evoking the vine. The first mention of the place goes back to 1150, under the name of “Monastery of Notre-Dame de Bon Lieu” (Monastery of our Lady of Good Place) and is then under the jurisdiction of the bishop of Maguelone, serving under the Benedictine rule and then passing under the obedience of Cîteaux from 1178 to 1791. The monastery becomes the outbuilding of the abbey of Valmagne and the monastery becomes an abbey in 1259.

The 13th century features its apogee, made of large irrigation works, construction of dykes and mills. The 14th and the beginning of the 15th centuries witnessed the Black plague, the Hundred Years War, the ravages of the great companies and finally the famine. This leads to impoverishment and destruction. The nuns are obliged to flee to Montpellier but return in 1446 and then erect the nave that we see today.

Under the effect of the wars of religion the sisters took refuge again in Montpellier in 1683. The abbey is liquidated by the Revolution but becomes again from 1898 an abbey, this time Dominican, then a Franciscan orphanage in 1930.

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