La Tour de pins

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This tower is close to 20m high. It remains a remnant of the old fortification of the XIIth century, everything as the Tower of the Babote.

The walled enclosure, built in 1152 to 1196 in replacement of the old wall of 1090, measured 8m high, consisted of 25 towers and 8 gates. During the wars of religion, very violent to Montpellier, the Tower of pine trees has served as a refuge for the Catholics.

Confiscated from the Bénedictins, after the French Revolution, it became a prison. Today, the communal archives stored there.

It owes its name to the pine bordering once, but who have been uprooted in the 19th century. However, the small wooded park that surrounds the Tower of the Pines is very pleasant.

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square de la tour des pins 34000 Montpellier