La Place Jean-Jaurès

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Located in the Écusson, the medieval center of the city, the square is bordered by the Rue de la Loge at its intersection with the Rue de l’Aiguillerie. In the immediate vicinity stands Les Halles Castellane.

The square stands where the old church of Notre-Dame-des-Tables was demolished in 1794. Of which there remains the crypt, accessible by a staircase, which hosts the museum of the history of Montpellier. This Romanesque church, built in the 11th century, took the name of Notre-Dame-des-Tables in the 12th century, when money changers settled before its walls. It should not be confused with the present church of that name, located a little farther in the Écusson.

The church of Notre-Dame-des-Tables has undergone several successive destructions during the wars of religion. After its definitive destruction during the Revolution, halls were erected and in their turn demolished in 1913. The location features the statue of the eponymous former politician. The square bears his name since the episode of the revolt of the winegrowers of Languedoc in 1907.

The Place Jean-Jaurès is pedestrian. It contains the terraces of many bars and restaurants that border it, making it a night life spot very appreciated by students of the city.

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Place Jean Jaurès 34000 Montpellier