La Panacée

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In turn Royal College of Medicine, Special School of Pharmacy, National Laboratory of Health, Panacea is registered in the history of medicine in Montpellier.

The place, marked by experimentation and research, study and shared knowledge, is impregnated in our imagination by the passage of tutelary figures like that of Rabelais.

The Panacea is a palimpsest of architectures, the twelfth century and the fifties. The architect Jean-Luc Lauriol and the scenographer Henri Rouvière took a fresh look at the place. Structured around a patio, galleries openwork, surrounding the patio according to a cloister principle, are now inside the building. They serve all the spaces and functions accessible to the public: exhibition rooms, teaching room, resource center, auditorium, café.

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14 Rue de l'École de Pharmacie 34000 Montpellier


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