La Manufacture de la Savonnerie

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The Manufacture de la Savonnerie is a royal manufacture of tapestries located in Lodève. The factory was originally specialized in the manufacture of velvet carpets as well as the Gobelins of seat fillings.

These carpets were used by the royal court of France or as royal presents. They are carpets are often of great dimensions and of exceptional quality. Very famous.

The Savonnerie derives its name from an old soap factory located in Chaillot. This soap factory was transformed into an orphanage. The cheap labor procured by the orphans attracted two weavers, Pierre Dupont and Simon Lourdet, who transferred the factory they had founded in 1628 to the present site in 1631.

Dupont had brought back from Turkey the technique of the knotted point, allowing to weave “velvety carpets in Levant-style”.
The factory was assembled at the Gobelins factory in 1826 and transferred to its site (royal decision of February 8, 1825, according to the royal Almanach of 1827). In 1968, the workshop was installed on two levels in the new building. Today, 40 weavers work there.

The Savonnerie uses a high-loom machine identical to that of the Gobelins, but the Savonnier makes a knotted point with its spindle, alternating with it before a front warp thread and behind a back warp thread as it progresses from left to right. A knot is thus formed on the back of the work and a buckle on the place, which will be mowed to obtain velvet. As the work progresses, the weaver uncovers the hairs and unravels the hairs and stores them at the tip of the chisel to obtain a perfect finish.

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