La Faculté de Médecine

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The Montpellier Faculty of Medicine is the oldest practicing medicine faculty in the world.

Its motto refers to the Hippocratic tradition: Olim Cous nunc Monspeliensis Hippocrates (“In the past, Hippocrates was from Kos, now he is from Montpellier”).

In 1181 medical education was born in Montpellier, from practice, made outside of any institutional framework, only the acts are carried out in the church Saint-Firmin. In 1340, the university creates an anatomy course.

The medical school enjoyed great prestige, having the reputation of having inherited the knowledge of Arabs and Jews, and welcomed students from all over Europe.

In 1556, the faculty was the first in France to equip itself with an amphitheater devoted to the examination of corpses. Montpellier, is in competition with Paris, but nevertheless provides most of the king’s doctors (including Francois de Lapeyronie).

In 1795, the faculty moved from its old premises for its present premises, the monastery of Saint Benedict, former bishopric adjoining the Cathedral of Saint Peter. Jean-Antoine Chaptal built a theater of anatomy there.

On request, you can visit the room where are defended the theses, the council hall, the main courtyard and the theatrum anatomicum. The faculty houses the Atger Museum and the Anatomy Museum as well as a library of 900 manuscript volumes, 300 incunabula, 100,000 printed volumes prior to 1800, as well as all theses of the Faculties of Montpellier.

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