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Pourgonero beach is located at Krassas area, just 500m east of the port of Tsoutsouras, beyond the east end of settlement. It is actually the east part of Tsoutsouras bay, located in front of the hill Sarakinos. According to the legend, the eternal sarcophagus of King Minos, the mythical king of Knossos, is burried below this place. Pourgonero has two coves with huge sand dunes. The beaches in front of sand dunes have rocks and sand, mixed in places. They are completely secluded, very suitable for isolation.

Pourgonero area is very important for the nesting of the endangered loggerhead sea turtles. The nesting season is from May until autumn. Moreover, if you visit the beach in late summer, you will see the beautiful white sand lilies (also known in Crete as lilies of Knossos). Access to the beach is not particularly difficult, since it is very close to Tsoutsouras. From there, you should follow the road leading to Dermatos and you will see the dunes on your right hand. There are footpaths that lead down to the beach.

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